Busselton Bantams

Welcome to Busselton Bantams! 

PLEASE NOTE: SORRY BUT I HAVENT GOT POULTRY ANYMORE SO I AM NOT BREEDING. Please do not email requests>  I have decided to leave the site up just for reference. Cheers, Wendy.


Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my site. I hope you enjoy looking around.

I live in the wonderful town of Busselton in the South West of Western Australia. I have a small number of bantams and ducks that I keep and breed from. 

I want to promote the joys of owning backyard chickens and rare breeds through this site. 

I intend to keep breeding and buying in better birds to improve my stock in the future.

It is a hobby the whole family enjoys. The kids get to learn the values and responsibilities of owning and raising animals and learn a bit about genetics and husbandry along the way. We get our own fresh eggs straight from the backyard and get great compost for the garden! What more could you want?

 I will have birds and eggs to sell on occasions, so feel free to contact me if you are interested.